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Dilwara Jain Temple the search for the immense pilgrimage and the sacred belief of the jains end here at the dilwara jain temple. It is located at 2.5 kms from Mount Abu.
The temples carved out from five marble collectively make them the most beautiful pilgrimage sites in the world. The carvings, doorways, pillars, ceilings are illustration of amazing architectural perfection.Build across various decades these temples prove to be an example of humans talent and dedication .
The guides here explain the tourists the interesting history and the urge of sweat consuming time taken to built the beauty to be worshiped the sacred puja is performed after taking a compulsory bath.

Facts and Beliefs

The temples were built in the 11th and 13th centuries AD.The five holy shrines are dedicated to Lord Rishabdev,Lord Neimnath,Lord Adinath,Lord Parshavnath and Lord Mahavir Swami.

Temples at a glance

Vimal vashi Temple:
• The marble carved eye catching temple was build by Vimal Shah(Minister of BHIMDEV) solanki ruler of Gujarat,in 1031 AD.
• Lord rishabdev is enrolled with a courtyard having numereous cells containing small idols which are beautifully carved.The Rand mandap on entering is visible with the fine sculptured female figurines playing musical instruments called the goddesses of knowledge.The futhur step inside would take you to lord rishabdev where the mandap is meant for holy Arti for the diety.
• The temple also has graceful elephants in a rowsculptured and the god fulfills the wishes of the pilgrims.

Luna Vashi Temple:

delwara-jain-temple-mount-abu-04• Lord Neimnath is sacredly worshipped here,build by the two Porwad brothers Vatupal and Tejpal in the year 1230.The temple was build in the memory of their late brother Luna.
• The main hall has an astonishing big ornamental pendent carved with white marble.There are 360 small jain monks surrounding the circular band.The brothers made a Navchoki which has nine carved ceiling seeming to compete each others beauty.Lastly,the Gudh Mandap has an idol of 22nd Tirthankar Neimnath.
• The intresting fact is seen there,a fight of dewrani and jethani(wives of the brothers) who severally demolishedtheir Gokhlas to get the better one built but at the end the jethani was given the upper hand and the devrani was give an elephant lesser in here Gokhla.

Pithalar Temple:
• As the name suggests the statue of Lord Adinath constitutes of 5 metals ,in which the main metal was Pital(Brass).The temple has its own beauty lead by the sacred beliefs related to it.
• The construction was left Unfinished by Bhameshah as he had to return for the war accompanying RajpuTruler Maharana pratap.The old idol was replaced in 1468 and the image casted was 8fr high and 5.5 ft broad.

Parshavanath Temple:
• The sweetlooking pilgrim evaded temple was build in 1459 by Mananlik.The outlooking sculptures with neverendind eyecatching beauty which has grey sandstone depecting yakanshis,idhaevic and different colobrations.

Mahavir Swami Temple:
• Build in 1582,the enemurating little temple has eyeloving carvings and pictures which charms the people and make them worship the almighty Lord Mahavira.


Valuable information:
There is an intresting temple accompanying these,which was made by the workers in the free time.It was made by the stones left and the wastes of other temples,as they tried to carve something out of nothing,just in the belief that some pilgrim would remember their hard work and praise their respects in each others hearts.

Not to forget

No design is repeated and the works depict Royal courts,Marriage processions,dance figures,paintings which show a valuable time and money investment to build the temples.

Festivals Celebrated

On the day of Mahavir Jayanti lot of Swetambars visit the temple to redefine their lives and rituals are performed and they pray by heart to purify their soul.


Places Around

– Red Temple (Lord Shiva Temple)
– Peace park
Adhar Devi temple
– Guru Sikhar
Trevor’s Tank

Additional Information

Accommodation: The dilwara trust has an immense clean dharamshala for the pilgrims at cheap rates which is notable and useful place to stay in the surrounding of the beauty of the temple and the hills of the abode of gods.
Duration: 10 to 15 minutes to visit the graceful temple.
Timings: Open from 12pm to 5pm everyday. After 5pm only for Jain Community people .

Don’t Miss

Hot refreshing Tea served in cup and plate exclusively at Heera Bhai Tea Stall.

Useful Information

How to reach: The hilly roads accompany you to the chilled atmosphere of abu and you can drive up to the gate of dilwara temple.
Parking: It is easily accessible near the temple,as it is safe to park the cars on the roadside.

The gracious,outrageous and everlasting sculptures made by the artists request you to visit here once and the pictures clicked here would become a sacred memory in your heart for a life time

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