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Mount Abu is well known for the variety of rock formations in the region. The most famous of these is the Toad Rock.
Shaped like a toad, which perhaps is the reason why it is so named, the toad rock sits perched prettily on top of a hill, overlooking the Nakki Lake.

Nakki Lake is the heart of this quaint tourist destination, with people walking round the lake regularly. While they do this, they can see the toad rock keeping a benevolent eye on them wherever they go.
Some believe that it is actually named after Col Todd, an officer in the British army, who is credited with discovering Mount Abu. Over time, it has come to be known as toad rock. Its resemblance in shape to a toad could also have contributed to this.

Nearby places of interest

The Nakki Lake is just adjacent and presents as a serene water body visible from the toad rock.
Hanumanji Temple is a few hundred yards from where the walkway starts.
Honeymoon point and Ganesh point are viewpoints opposite to each other, about 2 km from Toad Rock walkway.
Just beyond the lake, shops line both sides of the roads. There is plenty on offer including clothes, jewellery, paintings, knickknacks and souvenirs of different kinds.

Things to do

Enjoy the scenic view, plan a picnic, take wonderful pictures which can be your best memories, or just laze around and soak in the sun!

Don’t Miss

‘Hot tea’, ‘Snacks’ and ‘Boiled Maize’ served at the top of this hill spot.

Additional Information

Timings: The climb is best done during day time. After nightfall, there is a risk from prowling wild animals in the nearby jungles.
Good for: The trek is most suitable for youngsters and adventure seekers. Seniors, physically unfit and those with medical conditions need to be careful.
Duration: It takes roughly 1 hour to climb up and down. It can be extended to any length depending on personal inclination.

How to reach

From the road on the lakeside, there is a stepped walkway which leads you to the toad rock. The steps are steep. In places, there are no steps. Only a dirt trail exists, which you will have to navigate by holding on to support from nearby tree trunks and rocks. After climbing for about half an hour, you will reach the top of the hill with the toad rock sitting on it.

Toad Rock is an unusual tourist spot specific to this region. The adventure of the trek makes a visit to this place all the more challenging and exciting!

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