New Year Festival at the Foot Hills in Thrill Zone Adventure Park, Mount Abu

| January 7, 2017 |  

thrill zone mount abu new year party 2016

The spine chilling thrill at Thrill Zone Adventure Park was a complete different kind of an adventure in which the scene was of love , calmness , and the wonderful natural beauty. It all started when people checked in and soon they were in their respective tents. Soon they started thier adventurous activities like.Dirt Bike, Trekking, Body Zorbing, Water roller, Land Zorbing, Human Sling Shot, Rocket Ejector to name a few. Then after the days activities came the night where people gathered around the bonfire in the forest. Then everyone sang songs together in joy with a perfone playing the guitar. It was like the whole place had come into life and then they danced to the tune and played a few games. After all this the guests retired to the bed.

They retired learning a lot especially that joy comes from within and we can cross any challenge life throws at us just by believing and having the confidence and guts to face it. All you have to do is give it an attempt. The guests were surely so please and were all now confident to get across any challenge or situation and come back next year with more experience


Contact Details

Contact No: +91 94144 57895, 94624 64474
Contact Person: Tanay Agarwal & Tanay Yadav
Address: Before Oriya Toll Tax, Guru Shikar Road, Mount Abu-307501. Rajasthan (India)


Where is Thrill Zone Adventure Park, Mount Abu ?

Thrill Zone Adventure Park a venture of Abu Ghumo is the sole adventure site with more than 20 adventure activities including very exclusive activities like zip bike, highest natural wall climbing, longest zip line, biggest campsite etc.

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