New Year 2018 into the Wild: Party @ Thrill Zone Adventure Park, Mount Abu

| December 13, 2017 |  

thrill zone new year party 2018

The third chapter of new year party INTO THE WILD by Thrill Zone is announced.

As the name suggests this new year into the wild will be celebrated as follows:-
Dance all you can along with wild fire swaying to the sounds of the jungle with the hottest DJ in town under the gleaming stars.
To keep you warm from the cold drink all you can along with the best food spread in the town And once you have had all the fun bunk in one of our tents to enjoy the mystery of the jungle.


thrill zone adventure park mount abu


Things will you get:-
1. Gala dinner along with delicious breakfast.
2. Accommodation in tents with proper bedding and other services like proper washrooms and electricity for charging
3. A once in a life time experience of enjoying an Amazing ambiance of Glamping ( luxurious camping) in the lap of mother nature with all the facilities to keep you warm and cozy
4. Some soft and light live music for the after party
5. Party from Sunset to sunrise


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Contact Details

Contact No: +91 94144 57895, 94624 64474
Contact Person: Tanay Agarwal & Tanay Yadav
Address: Before Oriya Toll Tax, Guru Shikar Road, Mount Abu-307501. Rajasthan (India)


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Thrill Zone Adventure Park a venture of Abu Ghumo is the sole adventure site with more than 20 adventure activities including very exclusive activities like zip bike, highest natural wall climbing, longest zip line, biggest campsite etc.

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