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| April 7, 2018 |  

tarunya 2018

Abu Road | Generally the news articles are written by the writers from our team but this time we thought to make it more real and get the views of student who has actually lived the event and know every pros n cons of it, this news article on annual fest “Tarunya” celebrated at Chartered Institute of Technology, Abu Road is written by Vinayak Singh Khinchi who is pursuing 2nd Year Mechanical Engineering from CIT and was also the Leader of team Extrema for the event.

After a common Aptitude test, Tarunya began on 27th March’18. The opening ceremony included the launching of team teasers and theme dance. The tempo was set. Then we performed Nukkad Naatak in the midst of the city. The scorching heat added to our misery. The team won all hearts with their superb dialogues and fantastic performance and that gave a kick start to our journey. 28th March was a very hectic day with events like Real life teaching, Dumb Charades, Phymentech race, Wall painting, etc. Being a leader, though I was not participating in every activity, I had to be present everywhere to cheer up my team mates.

The day ended with Antakshri competition. But the actual task started after that. Each team was to decorate a given area and the twist came when we were told that two teams will have to perform this task together. It took a lot of understanding and overcoming of disputes. We worked together the whole night and finally completed the task. The allotted area looked beautiful. Though we worked the whole night, we were ready the next morning with the same energy level. Being a leader,you have to be active and energetic all the time even if you haven’t slept for nights.

Then came 29th, a day full of ups and downs. Though we lost in many games, we were back in competition by winning Tug of war. The day ended with Hide and Seek which was real fun. The next day we had Make-up Quiz, computer and mobile games and GD. In the evening was the cultural night, the event for which everyone was preparing since last many days. With an unbeatable energetic performance, we ended the night and grabbed more energy for the upcoming events. Then came the last day – Treasure Hunt event- an event with maximum points. We had to put in all our energy, hard work and mental ability in this event. The event was action packed and the songs played during the event were like icing on the cake. We scored 2nd position with 250 points.

As soon as this event ended, we started preparing for the Fun-Fair night. We had to put our own stalls and earn money as much as we could. We were successful in managing and earned quite a lot. Also, we enjoyed dancing on the tunes of DJ Vishal. The day ended and also ended the sleepless nights and enthusiastic days, the happiness of winning and motivation after losing each event. If I wrap up everything, I would say that for me CIT is all about Tarunya.

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