For the people crazy for chocolates, The Chocolate Room, Mount Abu is their destination

| April 23, 2017 | Tags: ,

Looking for a place to enjoy desserts in the warm weather of Mount Abu ? Chocolate Room a place where you know of nothing but Ice cream and fudges, where nothing but taste, fun and yummy-ness exist, a world of chocolate with the view of the beauty of Mount Abu, Nakki Lake. The blissfulness of […]

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When it disappears in your mouth and gives feel of enrichment deep down in your glands

| August 3, 2016 | Tags: ,

If you are yet to visit Mount Abu then it’s a suggestion and if you have already been there then next time you are suggested to try Hencky Francky Softy Ice-cream Parlor or ice cream fudges. The temp is just a simple reflection of the feel that as soon as your taste buds touch the […]

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When rain drops dipped in chocolate touch your lips, you are in front of THE CHOCOLATE ROOM

| July 27, 2016 | Tags:

When rain drops touch your lips that have already been dipped in the taste of supreme melted chocolate is definitely clear that you are standing in front of chocolate room at mount abu. A quick view of Nakki lake and then a bite of the fudge is just another enticing experiences that tourists never miss […]

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Your temptation for scrumptious SOFTY ice-cream never ends all year round in Mount Abu

| May 28, 2016 | Tags: , ,

Explore the evergreen and all time favourite Softy ice-creams of Mount Abu, the abode of God mount abu always stay fresh in mind of people visiting abu as none miss to taste the softy ice-creams available in various flavors and combination. It has now become trend among the tourists to grab a softy from Hencky […]

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3 International Restaurant Franchises at One Spot in Mount Abu

| April 23, 2016 | Tags: , , ,

Mount Abu is no where behind when its about exploring restaurants, you can find many leading and international franchises having their branches in Mount Abu severing to millions of tourists from all over the World visiting Mount Abu. Mount Abu also known as Abode of God offers plenty of religious and romantic place to visit […]

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| July 11, 2014 | Tags: ,

The Chocolate Room & Hencky Francky Softy Ice-cream Parlor, Mount Abu branch located at the corner on the way to Nakki lake is unleash the exclusive chocolate delight in aravalli ranges serving pure chocolate creatively shaped in different eye soothing architectures like Taj Mahal, guitar, etc; along with the famous softy ice-cream served in waffle […]

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