अचलगढ़, माउंट आबू में भालुओ का आतंक जारी, दिन दहाड़े 4 भालुओ ने एक आदमी को किया लहू लुहान

| September 17, 2018 | Tags:

माउंट आबू | आज दिन में करीब 4 बजे जब फ़ौज्मल माली पुत्र छोगाराम अपनी भैस लेने जा रहे थे तभी अचानक 4 भालुओ ने अचलगढ़ गाँव में उन पर हमला कर दिया, 4 भालुओ के हमले ने फौजमल को लहू लुहान कर दिया | गंभीर हालत में फौजमल को ग्लोबल हस्पताल ले जाया गया […]

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Bears attacked 3 people at one time including a 7 year girl in Mount Abu

| September 8, 2018 | Tags:

News | Today early morning around 5:45 AM three people were attacked by two bears near Neelkanth Mahadev Temple, Mount Abu and All India Radio (Aakashwani). However the attacks were not as brutal as compared to previous cases of bear attacks in Mount Abu and coz of the victims smart reaction during the attack. The […]

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माउंट आबू में फिर भालू का शिकार बना युवक

| July 31, 2018 | Tags:

माउंट आबू | माउंट आबू में डाकिया गांव समीप आबू रोड मेहरिया गरासिया पुत्र बापजी गरासीया माउंट आबू में आबूरोड से अचलगढ़ मजदूरी के कार्य करने आबू पर्वत आया हुआ था जहां सुबह करीब 6:00 से 7:00 बजे के बीच एक भालू ने उस पर हमला कर दिया जिससे युवक गंभीर रूप से घायल हो […]

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Bear attacked a man on Air Force Station Road, Mount Abu

| July 25, 2018 | Tags:

Mount Abu | It was around 12:00 or 12:30 of the mid night when Ganesh Rana (victim) was returning to home near Red Temple at Delwara, Mount Abu from Main Market but in between he was attacked by a bear walking on the main road with its 2 cubs. At around 12:30 mid night Ganesh […]

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Bear attacked guard, severe injuries in head: Mount Abu

| May 3, 2018 | Tags:

News | This time he was attacked in the city, this time again a bear attacked a man. This news is of late night around 11:30 pm yesterday when guard Shankar Lal s/o Jora ji resident of torna, mount abu was sitting outside the ashram after his round in the shankar math temple premises and […]

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Now what should be the punishment for this bear ? “Bear attacked man in Mount Abu”

| December 26, 2016 | Tags:

Today early morning a bear attacked a man named Ghanshyam ji near Gyan Sarovar, Mount Abu, the attack was so brutal that man got severe injuries on head, face and others parts of body, patient is admitted at Global Hospital, Mount Abu and is undergoing critical treatment process. Recently we came across news related to […]

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