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Sunset at Mount Abu is one of the most beautiful sights that you can set your eyes on. The sunset point, which is an elevated spot to the southwest of the NakkiLake is the perfect place to watch the sun go down behind the majestic Aravalli mountains. The place is always teeming with hundreds of tourists on any given day.
You have to reach early in order to have a vantage point for viewing the sunset. Otherwise it is likely that you may be disappointed. There is a festive atmosphere while the crowd patiently waits for the sun to go down. There is plenty of activity in the meantime to keep you occupied. You can satisfy your palate with tasty eatables on sale or savour the hot tea served by the vendors while you wait. Then the moment arrives. The sun looking like a flame ball goes rapidly down behind the mountain range. Many people capture this cherished moment in their cameras. If you forget to carry your own, there is no need to worry. There are professional photographers who will do it for a small fee. And they can even click you holding the sun between your two hands or supporting it on your palm!

It is a brisk walk of about one km from the place where the vehicles are parked. But if you find this difficult there are alternatives available.
Babagadis are unique pushcarts which can transport 2 to4 people at a time. The babagadi is a hand-pushed cart usually run as a family enterprise. You may feel a little scared particularly on slopes, but it is quite safe as the people pushing are experienced and used to the terrain.
Ponies are also available for rides if you are game for it.

Street food
There is plenty on offer, ranging from healthy fresh fruit and American corn to the mouth-watering spicy chats. You can have your pick.

No holiday is complete without taking back some souvenirs from the place of your visit. Make sure to take back with you knickknacks made of marble or wood which are typical of the place. There are also shops selling fashion garments which are quite inexpensive and good value for money.
The pleasant climate all round the year also contributes to the pleasant memories created by an evening well spent at the sunset point, Mount Abu.

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