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Step Fame, the one-stop Training, Assessment & Counseling solution for building the right behavioral skill-set for anyone.

Focus Counselling Services Talent Management firm offers assessment programs; customized coaching; training, and consulting that can help you optimize your most valued resources – your inborn talents.


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Why Focus Counselling Services

– Having experience in counseling and behavioral training from last 15 years.
– Team of best Behavior Analyst, Child therapist, psychiatrist, teacher and professionals.
– Conducted more than 1000 assessments, and trained approx 50,000 individuals & participants.



Services Offered

– Personality Test
– IQ & Aptitude Test
– Behavior Analysis Report
– Behavior Counseling
– Career Counseling
– Fear & Phobia Counseling
– Relationship Counseling
– Performance Management
– Teacher Training on Behavior Science
– Lectures on Psychology topics
– Soft Skills & Parenting Workshop
– Creating a counseling cell in school


Pattern of Service

– Personal Counselling (One to One consulting)
– On call or Video Chat for people at long distance
– Seminar, Workshops and Training at Schools, Colleges, Companies, Industries and others


Some popular one liners by Focus Counselling Services

– Live like king, Work like Student


Focus Counselling Services counselling


Contact for Seminar/ Workshop

Focus Counselling Services is the best and scientific way to motivate students, employees taking out best out of them, enhancing their work limit and credibility


Contact Details

Mobile No: +91 9558 448089
Contact Person: Miss Roshni
Services: Active services in Mount Abu, Abu Road, Sirohi and around


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Helping you smile again with counseling for every situation… Focus Counselling Services

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