Dr. Shyamala Annavarapu

| October 26, 2015 |

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Dr. A. Shyamala is a Gynaecologist by profession.
She has worked in various capacities such as Medical officer for RBI Hyderabad and Consultant gynaecologist at Microsoft campus, Hyderabad apart from having her own flourishing practice.
She has also worked as founder director for a voluntary organization called ‘CONFIDENCE’, working in the field of women’s health in Hyderabad.

She is an avid reader, freelance writer and an enthusiastic blogger.
She has also been a regular columnist for Vaarta, a daily newspaper published from Hyderabad. Here, she contributed a weekly column in which she answered readers’ queries regarding health problems.
She has been on the expert panel for health shows on TV channels like Zee TV (telugu) and HMTV for their health shows.

She worked till recently for the village outreach program of Global Hospital, Mount Abu, conducting mobile clinics in their adopted villages.
Apart from writing her other passion is music. She is an accomplished and trained singer in Carnatic classical music.

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