Road clearing work is completed and its totally safe; Roads are active for Mount Abu

| August 5, 2017 |  

News – Mount Abu | A landslide that occurred few weeks back and which was partially cleared has been almost cleared down yesterday after knee wrenching hard work of 12 long hours from 10:00 AM to 10:30 PM by the workers under the presence of SDM Suresh Kumar Ola and other administrative personals.

The announcement about the same was made a day before and yesterday within few hours 2 wheeler were allowed in regular interval later followed by four wheeler vehicles. A big rock that slide down on the main road to mount abu during heavy rainfall was blocking half way of the road and yesterday that half blocked few meters road was also cleared and now 2 and 4 wheeler vehicles are actively coming and going to mount abu.

Please do not follow the rumors, roads to mount abu are completely safe & active

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