Grand Plantation drive from up to down at Mount Abu [Watch Video]

| August 10, 2018 |  

Mount Abu | To make way to Mount Abu more beautiful and colorful a grand plantation drive was undertaken today by Bhramah Kumaris, Scouts, Nagar Palika of Mount Abu and Abu Road, Local Administrative Personals, Social Group and localities. The whole drive started from morning 8:00 am was distributed in two segments which were executed simultaneously, from talheti to saat ghoom abu road people planted the Bougainvillea plants where as from Toll Tax to Saat Ghoom people of Mount Abu undertook the plantation activity.

SDM Nishant Jain, Nagar Palika Chairman Suresh Thinger also participated in the drive and planted many Bougainvillea plants on the either sides of the road. The Bougainvillea flowers are of different colors like yellow, pink, red etc and once they will grow bigger it will make the way to mount abu more colorful and attractive.

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