Mount Abu unfolds to surprise you out of a desert state: Anu

| March 25, 2019 |  

nakki lake

Just when you thought the only desert state of India is all about huge waves of sand dunes and screeching hot summers, Mount Abu unfolds to surprise you.

Tucked away in a small corner of its City of Lakes, Udaipur, this small hill station is a perfect place both to begin and to wind up your stay in Rajasthan.

Mount Abu is easily accessible via road and rail; Abu Road being its nearest bus station and railhead which is about thirty-five kilometers and an hour and a half away from Mount Abu.

Famous hugely as a weekend getaway, Mount Abu is home to the stunning architectural marvel of Dilwara Jain Temples, one of the oldest and most revered Jain temples in the world, dating back to as old as the 13th century.

Be it the quiet lakeside of the Nakki Lake, a hike up to the Toad Rock, giving a perfect elevated view of the entire hill station, a visit to the magnificent Dilwara Jain Temples, shopping in the streets bustling with tourists and welcoming locals, Mount Abu will definitely give you a reason to visit again.

Photo and Article by Miss Anu

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