Beautiful Panoramic views of Mount Abu with a tale of Rain

| August 6, 2018 |  

The only hill station of Rajastshan, Mount Abu turns to its most beautiful phase during monsoon, on the way to mount abu you’ll find hills covered with lush green trees, clouds moving along with you all together its just like a paradise. Here are we sharing some beautiful and exclusive collection of panorama images clicked during this year monsoon.. Do share the post if you like the collection of photos and the following write-up share by Pranali Deshmukh …

Youtube link for >> Mount Abu Monsoon Video 2018

Look at the sky.. Clear and empty on these summer days only white clouds floating here and
there…Let us get thoughtful looking at the sky… To the people when earth formed when they
were unaware of the wonders happening in the nature considers the nature’s actions as a

Things happened to them what they thought slowly and slowly.. But something’s happened beyond their imagination.. They never imagined that water can come to them in the Form of Rain/Showers/Snow. To them it was miracle.

No one ever imagined or thought of rain falling down on the land without doing any Efforts. To each individual on this earth, rain is a miracle until they see first time. Later on after many years scientists came to know
reason behind the rain i. e. Water Cycle. Anyways let’s get nostalgic when we were child when we first saw how we felt. Wow that’s water like a shower in the bathroom..

But water is everywhere pouring down. Tiny tiny droplets falling on the land and spreading the fragrance of sand. It is one of the beauty of rain which passes through something and adding it’s magic into it. Another example when ray of sun light passes through it, colorful bow is formed in the sky.

Looking towards that Colorful Bow, It feels like Rain is painting the sky and creating another never imagined wonder. When the water gets collected at some places it Form mud ponds where children enjoys sailing their paper boats.

For them that pond is like a ocean and their paper boat is like a cruise ship struggling hard to pass through the
storm. It is small miniature to them of big picture. Happiness is the thing rain brings with it.

To those who are small it is miracle and to those who are adults and hoping and waiting
every year to see it happening brings lots of memories…

Rain is that example which no one ever thought of or imagined of. If such things can exist in this world. Then our thoughts our vision which we created in our mind and heart can definitely exists…

Rain is one of the sign from the Nature which gives us Inspiration to think
beyond our Imagination…

written by Pranali Deshmukh photographs by AbuTimes

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