| March 26, 2019 |  

i love mount abu

Mount Abu | SDM Dr. Ravindra Goswami offers a big reason to abuites and tourists to fall in Love with Mount Abu. It was a big surprise today to see this trending “I Love Mount Abu” board placed in MLSU garden at Nakki Lake.

With time we have noticed some remarkable changes in mount abu like beautification of nakki lake gaurav path and now this trending, I Love Mount Abu board all these are literary great initiative to promote mount abu.

However We suggest the position of it should be changed from its current position MLSU Garden to some other place like beside Nakki Lake Main Gate, reason behind the current is far from the reach of mass tourist, safety issues where as if it placed at above the chairs at nakki lake main gate, tourist can easily get selfies and and will be under eye of public assuring its safety.

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