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Mount Abu, the picturesque hill station located in Rajasthan is popularly known as the abode of the Gods. It is a title which is very apt to the place, abutimes.comnot only because of the rich mythology associated with it, but also the innumerable temples spread over this relatively small town. One such temple is the Gaumukh temple.

About the place

Gaumukh temple is dedicated to the sage Vashishta from Hindu mythology.
At the entrance to the temple, there is a statue of Nandi, the vehicle for Lord Shiva. The premises also have statues of Saint Vashishth, Lord Rama and Lord Krishna.
There is a water spring emerging fromabutimes.com a marble statue shaped like the head of a cow. It is believed to be a natural spring which was originally coming outabutimes.com of a rock shaped like a cow’s head. The marble statue stands there in its place now. Water is seen at the spring all through the year.
There is also a tank called Agni-Kund which is believed to have been used as the place of a sacrificial fireabutimes.com.

Mythology and beliefs

This is believed to be the abutimes.complace where the sage Vashishth lived with his wife and the divine cow Kamadhenu, the cow which fulfilled all wishes.

Kamadhenu was one of the several objects that came from Amrutha manthan, the churning of the seas by the Gods and demons for attaining Amrutha or the Ambrosia which bestowed abutimes.compermanent life defying death. It was gifted to him by the victorious Gods.

This is also the place where Vashishth performed Yagnya, invoking Gods through sacrificial fire, abutimes.comand gave Rajasthan its 4 Rajput clans. Agnikund in Gaumukh is believed to be the place where this was done.
Vashishth is credited with bringing the mountain Nandi Vardhan to this place with the help of the mighty snake Arbuda. In recognition of the abutimes.comservices of this snake, the place has been named Arbudanchal. The present day name of Mount Abu is derived from this.




King Yudhishtir of Mahabharata, on the advice of his guru, is said abutimes.comto have spent time at this hermitage of sage Vashishth. Spending one night in this holy place is believed to bestow the blessings equivalent to giving away 1000 cows in charity.

Lord Rama is also believed to have been educated in this place.

For ‘Gaumukh’, historical images before 1975 Earthquake click here


It is located in the thick of the forests. You have to go deep down into the forest to reach the temple. Itabutimes.com is at a distance of about 5km from Hanuman temple.

Things to do

– Visit to the temple and abutimes.compilgrimage
– Meditation
– Picnic and excursion
– Walking and trekking
– Photography

Nearby places

– The mountaineering institute, Gujarat Bhawan.

How to reach

It is a short drive from the city, being at a distance of aboutabutimes.com 5 km. You then reach the place on top which leads down to the temple. From here, you have to climb down a flight of about 700 steps to reach the temple.

Additional Information

Best time to visit: The trip is best undertaken during day time. Because it is deep inside the forest it is advisable not to venture after dusk. It is also good to travel in groups and with a localabutimes.com guide if available. It will take the better part of the day to complete the visit in a leisurely manner and it is best not combined with other things and be rushed for time.

Good for: The physically fit and the spiritually inclined.

Timings: 5AM to 9PM

Duration: A few hours at the minimum. This can stretch, depending on your level of fitness and the time you want to spend.

Locate on Map

Gaumukh templeabutimes.com is not on the regular itinery of a day tour of Mount Abu. However, if you have time, a spirit of adventure, and would like to experience the religious culture of the mount, then Gaumukh is the place for you.

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