“Endless Search” written by Vijay Purohit, CIT, Abu Road

| October 6, 2017 |   ,

I have been out of my soul now, exhausted and withered mentally.

Like an ocean of words dried out suddenly,
But the sun shines daily, to block away the dark cloudy.


The depth of eyes feel the glitch in the miracles of star,
As they sparkle fascinatingly away and far.

I have been the astronomer,
Like finding the way to my universe.


But this world is obscure to me now.

The Cold and gloomy the way I feel, peace and words I tried a lot,
But it was never meant to be home.


As I was destined to be wanderer,
Wandering in the void, the black it feels.

Now I have been searching,
To make my home out of void.


written by: Vijay Purohit
CIT, Abu Road

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