Eazit, Abu Road

| July 17, 2014 |  

eazit abu road

Eazit is a SINGLE number whatsapp Based which provides you most of the difficult task to get done easily. Serving people with the best quality and quantity is the major objective of Eazit. The concept that eazit came up with is why to save bunch of numbers for so many different things instead you can just save a single number where contact to ease your life. So very basic thing about is it in simple words is




Why Eazit?
Nowdays the world is in that kind of pace where its very difficult to manage everything so just to provide assistance to people and make their life easy Eazit is delivering its best services. People are usually busy in their own life like in their offices , studies , kitchens, business and several other stuffs so its very smart work to just save a number and get the things done easily.


at Eazit

– Midnight cakes, Customized gifts, Party Planner, Plumber, Mechanic, Electrician, Carpenter, Laundry, Tour Packages, Grocery, Fast food, Lunch, Dinner, Medicines, Stationery, Cosmetics, Computer , Digital marketing … and many more

Whats App or contact: +91 9680 069069

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