Gold Medalist Cardiologist Dr. Mohit D Gupta shared ideas on “How to keep your heart healthy” in a seminar at Hotel Hillock

| May 27, 2018 |  

Mount Abu | Yesterday after the sunset a quantitative seminar was conducted at Hotel Hillock, Mount Abu where eight time gold medalist Dr. Mohit Gupta from Delhi shared ideas or ways to keep your heart healthy and stay fit.

During the seminar Dr. Gupta gave importance to spirituality and not just healthy body but a healthy mind as well, he said to have a happy life our thoughts should be positive, we should keep our surroundings full of joy and wealth, one should avoid all the negative vibrations and practice every possible thing that brings positive vibes in our life; He also mention the person who know how to forgive lives a better and happy life.

Dr. suggested
– To change oil we eat periodically, eating the same oil everyday isn’t a good idea.
– Fruits should be consumed before our meals and not after it.
– One should complete his dinner max to max at 8:00 PM.
– Kachi Ghani is among the best healthy oil.

After the seminar Hillock Patron Mrs. Geeta Agarwal felicitated Dr. Gupta, and other present guest of honors with beautiful Piccadilly Plaza Gifts as a memento of gratitude following that everyone who was present there had a delicious dinner.

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