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A poet, a playwright, a painter, a photographer, a musician, a novelist, a short story writer and above all true Abu lover.

On the surface he is just an unassuming senior community medical practitioner. Scratch him a little and flows out from protean fonts an Indian Nationalist, an environmental activist, a crusader for the downtrodden and deprived, particularly the visually challenged, a poet, a playwright, a painter, a photographer, a musician, a novelist, a short story writer, and even a columnist in one of the leading dailies of India, the Times of India.

With more than 120 units of blood donated, more than several lacs poor patients attended free and free medicines worth few crore disbursed to them, truly astounds. Not only the mundane but the high and mighty, like royals, top politicians, army officers, corporate honchos, governors and top government officials are amazed by this most impressive albeit inconspicuous persona.


If a governor calls him a Jinn, an Honorable Supreme Court Judge defines him as a renaissance man, an ex-ruler of an erstwhile state in India shares him as a saint from the past who has taken rebirth to complete his leftover work of his past life; a collector defines him faster than electricity; another collector desire to have a Bluetooth so that all from his mind hard disc could be transferred to him; while a hotel tycoon introduces him as not only a skilled doctor but an institution by himself and a senior cardiologist introduces him as a clinical magician!

It is amazing that his professional devotion spills over to many other commitments too with fitting fondness. In his devotion to save the fragile ecology of the oldest mountain ranges in the world, Mount Abu, he went to honorable apex court of our country, the Honorable Supreme Court and even at the threat to his life, profession and character he finally got the place notified as Eco-sensitive Zone in 2009.

In spite of the demands of his profession, his prolific writing and painting and composing hundreds of songs of all genres leaves one flabbergasted. In his kitty are, a poem a day mailed daily to nearly two thousand E-mails, more than 50 publications of all genres, hundreds of songs more so environmental songs, all his paintings sold exclusively for charity in prestigious art galleries! An incorrigible adventurist, he revived the game of Polo at Mount Abu after 75 years with the help of the royals and Indian Army, not only rediscovered the cave of Major General Moor but got it renovated with the help of Dr. Jitendra Kumar Soni IAS who also helped him to flag off the “Mount Abu” Parikrama designed by him.

Dr. Arun Sharma
Birth Date: 22/08/1950.
Birth Place: Jodhpur.
Residence: Shivaji Marg, Mt. Abu.
Education: MBBS, Calcutta.
Contact: 09414163221, .

Use this link to follow his posts on this website >> Dr. Arun Sharma

The moment he is revealed in his totality, he humbly confesses, he is an open book that could be read from anywhere while others are left awed -how does he manage when he too has 24 hours at his disposal

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