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Dil Ki Geharaiyo Se

Dil Ki Geharaiyo Se is a Live and Recorded Online Webisode/ Web series by AbuTimes.com; The purpose behind these series is to showcase various talent and thought of upcoming poet of our district or around. And the season is being hosted by Vinayak Singh Khichi


How to participate in Dil Ki Gehraiyo Se:

  1. Drop your poem/ poetry to us and selected poets/ writers will be invited to fall in to our office and recite the same poem along with the host.
  2. Mail/ Whatsapp your poem etc to us and we will narrate it on your be-half
  3. Mail: abutimes.com@gmail.com; Whatsapp: 9462 874806.
  4. Facebook Profile: https://www.facebook.com/mount.abu.road.sirohi.times
  5. Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/abutimesnews
  6. Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/AbuTimes-mount-abu


  List of webisodes hosted so far:

Web No Date Link Title
1 15th April 2018 DKGS #1
2 21st April 2018 DKGS Webisode #2/ Live From Cineplus
3 28th April 2018 DKGS Webisode #3
4 4th May 2018 DKGS #4 Friends Special
5 13th May 2018 DKGS Webisode #5 Mother’s Day Special
6 19th May 2018 DKGS Webisode #6 Dabi Baat by Parul Morwal
7 28th May 2018 DKGS Webisode #7 “Newspaper se Nation Tak- Vinay Singh”
8 8th June 2018 DKGS Webisode #8 “Uthalu ab Kalam – Vipin”
9 21st June 2018 DKGS Webisode #9 “Kaun Raukta hai kamyaab hone se”
10 1st July 2018 DKGS Webisode #10 Dr. Mehajabin, Udaipur
11 7th July 2018 DKGS Webisode #11 Nikita Agarwal, CIT, Abu Road
12 22th July 2018 DKGS Webisode #12 Monsoon Special
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