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| November 2, 2015 |

ADHAR DEVI TEMPLE temple of the Almighty Goddess MAA ARBUDA. Situated on a dormant volcano, Maa katyani named arbuda devi resides on a hilly range of aravallis in the shadow of peaks of the hill station Mount Abu. The feeling of blessings being showered on the pilgrims do attract them toward the enumerating auspicious temple […]

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ACHALGARH ~ अचलगढ़ ~

| November 1, 2015 |

Rajasthan has a rich cultural and historical heritage, and is replete with historical monuments. Mount Abu, the lone hill station in Rajasthan can boast of its very own fort, the Achalgarh fort. Situated at a distance of about 11 km to the north of the town, it is one of the several tourist attractions around […]

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SHANKAR MATH ~ॐ~ शंकर मठ

| July 27, 2015 |

SHANKAR MATH temple of Lord Shiva where 9.5 feet tall Shivling is worshiped established since 1977. Temple is surrounded with plants all around keeping the atmosphere cool every moment, very peaceful environment to chant mantras and mediate sitting i the big just in front of the Shivling, makes this temple a perfect destination to achieve […]

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Mount Abu, the picturesque hill station located in Rajasthan is popularly known as the abode of the Gods. It is a title which is very apt to the place, abutimes.comnot only because of the rich mythology associated with it, but also the innumerable temples spread over this relatively small town. One such temple is the […]

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SANT SAROVAR | संत सरोवर | સંત સરોવર

| July 12, 2015 |

Mount Abu is aptly called the abode of Gods as it is replete with places of worship of all faiths. About 250 to 300 of these are spread over this small stretch of land. One, somewhat lesser known of these, as compared to its more famous counterparts is the Sant Sarovar. This place of pilgrimage […]

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| August 22, 2014 |

Shree Pavapuri Tirtvh Jiv Metri Dham is situated at Sirohi district of Rajasthan. This campus is developed by K. P. Sanghvi Group and it comprises of a Jain Tirth (Temple complex) and Jeev Raksha Kendra (Animal Welfare Center). Shree Pavapuri Tirth Dham is a shining example of Jain Temple Architecture and Culture. It is a […]

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ARASURI AMBAJI TEMPLE | अम्बाजी, અંબાજીમાતા મંદીર

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Shree Arasuri Ambaji Temple located around 50 km away from Mount abu, in dist Banaskantha of Gujarat, is among the 51 Shakti Pithas. There is no idol of goddess the holy “Shree Visa Yantra” is worshiped as the main deity. The original impression of Ambaji mata is on gabbar hilltop i.e. 5 kms away and […]

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| August 21, 2014 |

Shri Shirdi Sai Baba Temple located in Abu Road, follows all ritual as its obeyed in Shirdi of India, Adjoining the temple you can also visit Ganesh ji and Shiv ji temple to the left of Sai Baba Temple and to the right you can worship at Shani Maharaj Temple and Hanumanji Temple, neighboring to […]

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| August 20, 2014 |

Hanuman Tekri, hundreds of year old Hanuman ji Temple in Abu Road specially known for the very big holy fair organized on Hanuman Jayanti in the month of April, in which people from all over the World arrive to this temple, and in night ‘Ratri Bhajan’ are done. All the holy festivals are also celebrated […]

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| August 16, 2014 |

Ganesh Point History Facts and beliefs Places near by carousel ADDRESS LANDMARK TIMINGS CONTACT

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Jai Shree Ram | Nakki Wale Hanuman ji | Gayatri Maa Temple

| August 15, 2014 |

|| Shree Guru CharanSaroj Raj Nij Man MukuruSudhari | BaranauRaghubarBimalJasu Jo DaukuFalChaari || Very ancient temple of Lord Hanuman ji located at Nakki Lake side Adjoining to it Maa Gayatri Temple  and Shiva Temple. Many a times we can see half of the Shiva Temple is covered by the lake of water. This is one […]

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