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[Poll] Are you with govt. in their mission against Black Money ? Click Below

| November 17, 2016 |

Poll | After 8th November Indian economy has totally changed, where people with less money are found standing in the long queues in front of Banks and ATMs, people with black money are knocking doors of advisers to settle their money. We are running a poll to acknowledge the percentage of public in favor or […]

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“India or Australia” Click below and punch your vote now

| March 27, 2016 |


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POLL: Do you favor, reservation should not exists any more ?

| August 27, 2015 |

Reservation on the basis of a caste is like asking a blind man to operate a man, what sense does it make to reserve seats in almost every field just because they belong a community where is nothing but a voters bank to a particular political party ? How many of you think reservation should […]

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Poll: Which student party will win max. no. of seats in college election ?

| August 24, 2015 | ,

In the upcoming college level election what do you think which party will take maximum no. victory bites in the entire Sirohi district colleges. Punch your vote.

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POLL: How is the new look of

| August 14, 2015 | launched on 15th August 2014 and since than it has received wonderful response form viewers, people are loving the concept of website and we got thousands of visitors everyday. After this success and on our dear viewers demand we updated the website with a new design and numerous features to make it look more […]

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