Hillock came ahead to empower Sal Gaon Govt. School, Mount Abu

| February 28, 2019 |  

Social Drive | Even after new policies and steps undertaken by new govt. their are still many shortcomings at various govt. schools in Rajasthan and one among them is Sal Gaon, School, Mount Abu. To highlight the problems of Sal Gaon School we published a live interview from the School which was watched by thousands of people and one among them was Mrs. Geeta Agarwal (Hotel Hillock).

When Mrs. Geeta came to know about the unavailability of water purifier in the school she proposed us a certain donation amount. AbuTimes under its social activity Group “AbuTimes BridgeAid” planned a social activity for the school which was executed on 27th Feb 2019 at the School.

Along with Mrs. Geeta, members of Inner Wheel Club, Foreigners guests Miss Stephi (Austria), Miss Simone (Germany), Manfred, Rikki, Heidi, Gerlod, School staff members, participated.

The event started with inauguration of water purifier followed by distributing stationery, biscuits and sweets to students. Other than that many students showcased their talent by singing, dancing and their knowledge on current affairs and were facilitated with trending School Bags.

The presence of foreigner guests made the event more entertaining and overwhelming nature of Mrs. Geeta Agarwal delighted the students with lots of fun and happiness.

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