Abuite Bhumik Lalwani bags Bronze in First ever Endurance race in India

| February 26, 2018 |  

bhumik endurance race

News | The local boy Bhumik Lalwani s/o Rajesh Lalwani finally bags his first medal in recognized motor cycle racing competition. 19 year old Bhumik following his ambition to be the fastest Indian racer is consistently working hard to achieve his goals and has been participating in various racing competitions.

Few months before in November he accelerated 6th position in 1000CC Category and this year he got to bite a medal securing second runner-up position in First endurance race in India held at Madras Motor Race Track (MMRT), Chennai, on February 24-25, 2018 along with his team mate Aakash Rajshakha in 301- 400cc category completing 37 laps in 90 minutes With the best time of 2:06. Mr. Juned from Ahmedabad was the tuner of the bike.

Check out Bumik’s view shared by him in a interview on AbuTimes on “Encouraging youth of abu not to commit suicide ”

Bhumik is now looking forward to speed up his racing skills and for the same He’s is working hard to race in one of the biggest racing competition in world happening annually in march in Italy.

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