Bear attacked guard, severe injuries in head: Mount Abu

| May 3, 2018 |  

News | This time he was attacked in the city, this time again a bear attacked a man. This news is of late night around 11:30 pm yesterday when guard Shankar Lal s/o Jora ji resident of torna, mount abu was sitting outside the ashram after his round in the shankar math temple premises and suddenly a bear came in front of him and before he could escape from the place bear attacked him right away.

Bear made severe attacks on the head, along with few scratch marks of nails on his back, elbow and one eye. Running from the attack spot Shankar lal somehow managed to reach the main gate of the temple from where he was taken to global hospital and underwent emergency treatment. According to updates from hospital he will undergo CT Scan and other tests and treatments.

This is not for the first time that a bear has attacked a human, often abuites come face to face WITH bears and has to suffer severe bear attacks and when we tried to gather information about the nature of bear attack we came to know that the gloaming eyes of humans attract them and they just pounce on the eyes, if one can bring his/ her hand in front of their eyes he/ she can escape getting attracted to bear and then can somehow run away from bear’s reach to escape an attack.

News Leads: Vishnu Kumar

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