Advertise is the most popular and busiest tourism and media portal specially for Mount Abu and also for cities falling under Sirohi district i.e.Abu Road, Pindwara, Sirohi etc., #AT comprises under our other media portal such as,,

We do not wait for user to visit your ad, rather we take your ad to thousands of people all around.

Advertising on is not just putting a digital banner on website, rather we do a complete social media publicity and digital marketing of your business.


Mount Abu is among the beloved hill station of World, people from every corner of the Earth come here, and in today’s World every individual believes in surfing about the places before reaching there, and is the most popular tourism portal with plenty of information, latest news, tourism support guidelines and other information, that attracts people of every age group, profile and country to surf this website.

The lucid design and smartly categorized design of website makes your published business ad to make its imprint in visitors mind, advertising here enable your business to be notified at International level.

Before going to any place 3 points that every tourist consider i.e. Sight Seen, Hotel and Restaurants and here on this website these 3 categories and smartly published keeping in mind what all info a tourist seeks for before coming to Mount Abu; Publishing your hotel, restaurant or business as on this website will enhance your business scope and good will as it being published by a media portal

Website is the fastest possible medium of communication compared to all other mediums, can be accessed anywhere, anytime in any mood and advertising on a website gives you a life long branding validity.


Random online competitions on website make the youth of city to stay connected regularly.

Outdoor events, we occasionally organize events like dance competitions, public entertainment events etc. that attracts viewers.

Social and environment improvement initiatives for a better India, also makes the participants to visit our website.

Event, Festival media coverage, all the festivals, events, celebrations, day being organized in city are covered by us that enhances the viewers numbers of the website.

Online shopping feature providing some of the exclusive products available in mount abu, diverts viewers to others posts and ads on the website.

Scope of website

Website scope is not only limited to viewers coming directly to the website, rather we believe in taking the website to viewers and therefore every ad link, published on the website is broadcast in following media pages and other.

  • Responsive layout, lucid design Website.
  • Social Media Pages (Facebook, Twitter + 11 more.)
  • Social Media Pages of our 4 other media portals (Facebook, Twitter + 11 more, for each website.)
  • Collectively, publishing your ad on more than 60 social media pages.
  • Whats app broadcasting
  • Email Subscribers
  • Updates via SMS, Mobile Application: Coming Soon
  • Magazine viewers

Cross Media Publicity

Along with we have 4 more media portals,, and all these website links are mention in the top menu bar bar of each website, so when a person visiting any of these website also switch to our other media portals, Collectively, publishing your ad on more than 40 social media pages.

Advertisement category

Latest offers coming up soon

This category is to publish your business/ organization falling under any of these categories >>> (Hotels, Restaurant, Education, Business).

How it works

We will make a referenced link page ( of your business/ organization including details as per viewers perspective

We do a complete photography for hotels, restaurants, any business or enterprise, school, college or institution which are later edited and uploaded on this reference linked page

Once your ad page is complete and indexed in our category page, the link of your ad page is published on all our social media pages and other our promotional groups

Along with it we provide 12 sponsored news one every month which is also published on all our social media groups

Your business will be displayed on home page under category carousel, also on category page and referenced link page with complete details and photographs of your business

Note: Min duration for posting ad under this category is 1 year, 6 to 8 sponsored news every random months, additional discounts on going for 2, 3 or more years advertisement period, starting from Rs 500/week.

Sample example



Digital poster of fixed width 255px and varying height is placed on the website, redirecting to your website on click or a reference linked page provided on on demand.

2 sponsored news first on the day of posting and last on the a week before of termination of ad duration

Note: Min Duration 1 week, 2 sponsored news available on duration of at least one month, special discounts on duration of more than 3 months, Starting from Rs 750/week.

Sample example


Publish you brand on the top of website, get maximum notification of out thousands of visitors

Digital poster of fixed height 105px and varying width is placed on the top of website in header section, redirecting to your website on click or a reference linked page provided on on demand.

2 sponsored news first on the day of posting and last on the a week before of termination of ad duration

Note: Min Duration 1 week, 2 sponsored news available on duration of at least one month, special discounts on duration of more than 3 months, Starting from Rs 1750/week.

Sample example


5.1) Speak out your event loud in the city, make you media partners and expand your event scope at global level.

5.2) Digital poster first of 836 x 436 px in dimension placed between the category carousels on index page, second of 271 x 196 px in dimension on single page right side bar.

5.3) 1 Post indexed under ‘Events’ sub category with all the necessary details of the event , and 5 posts one post each week.

5.4) official logo provided to be used for your other promotional stuff like hoarding, passes or etc.

Non paid (free)

This package includes 1 post indexing under ‘Events’ category of website and 2 more posts 1 in the middle of event and after the completion of the event. Condition: AT logo to be compulsorily placed on all hoardings and other promotion stuff.


This package includes both the digital posters as mentioned in point (5.2) above, 1 post indexed under ‘Events’ category of website and 5 more posts 1 in each week and 1 after the completion of the event with detailed description of the success story of the event. Optional: AT logo to be placed on all hoardings and other promotion stuff depends on your choice. Starting at Rs 1750/week for 1 event and 1 4 weeks duration.

Sample example



Post a sponsored news on our website the quickest and easiest way to promote a brand on our website.

Like a news your ad will published on our website and broadcast similarly as all other news are broadcast

Posts under this category are like News arrivals, latest offers, Birthday wishes, informative notice, invitation or etc. Starting at Rs 2995/post.

Sample example


In this category a digital poster is merged in all the news published on the website i.e. linked to either your website or a reference linked page on website (page on demand)

This makes your brand notified while our visitors are reading news on the website, that gives a huge promotion for your business/ organization.

Digital Poster merged in every news published on website for the duration of advertisement

Minimum 10 posts and maximum depends on the duration of ad period, Note: if the duration period is terminated and merging is done in less than 10 posts, than in this case we will still merge your digital poster in our news till it reach the total of 10 posts.

Note: Min duration 1 week, min posts 10, referenced link page on demand, Starting at Rs 2000/week.

Sample example


Presently no seasonal package available.

Presently no special package available.

If you are willing to promote your brand under multiple advertisement categories on this website, than this option as also available, you can select multiple categories and we would also provide special discounts for it.

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