10 things to do when you visit Mount Abu

| August 19, 2014 |  

Mount Abu, a place that is an iota for this world but those who have been there, sensed its air they know it really well, how well they can connect to themselves, so for all those who have visited Mount Abu or are planning to do so, should really beware of all these points. So peeping in the all goods that this beautiful iota of this world carry in its laps are

Never ever carry your cell phone!

Trust me if you have chosen Mount Abu to be your outing spot, then you definitely are here to search for your inner-self. Your boss won’t let you do so, just escape for a while. Stay away from this visual and unreal world to find out your soul.

Lover’s Point!

I have no idea why this place has been named so; as if you are here you can just love nature rather than your mate. I really went in the depth of nature’s beauty to let touch my soul. So don’t forget to visit this one.

Nakki lake, is off course!

One of the most attracting features that Mount Abu has well lined is Nakki Lake, people have been visiting here not just to enjoy the boating purpose but to enjoy the view. But if you are a real nature lover then, try finding out the emptiest bench to put yourself in the real glamour of water. And the scenario becomes real when you get yourself with the famous cone of softy.


If you are a God fearing person, do visit this place, but if you are a beauty lover then this place can be a dream-come-true moment for you. Do you know how it feels when you walk in cloud and still you can’t touch them? If you really wish to know this, do visit this adobe of beauty.

Never miss those Jeeps!

Though being an Abuite I should have technically traveled a lot in those jeeps, but trust me its real fun. The best would be if you grab a kulhad of rabri from Abu Road and board a jeep for Mount Abu. Each twist on the road will turn you upside down and make you wait for a stable time when you can finish your Rabri. So it is something like a situation when the Rabri keeps on tempting you to eat it, but you happen to lose the bite with a turning road. It’s fun, trust me!

Mini Nakki!

This is a cantonment area, mainly the camps of forces reside here, but the view of mini nakki is breath taking. It’s the quietest water I have ever witnessed.

Tourist Attractions!

Do visit all the tourist places like Delwara temple, Peace Park and many more that would take a night to count, but if you can manage then do stay in a cottage during your stay, trust me the romance in your soul will pop out with no time.


And if its monsoons when you have planned your visit then trust me not even an Abuite can be as lucky as you. You happen to find all those over flowing JHARNAs and enjoy their little sprinkles on your face. The best is the rain there, that doesn’t drench you in itself but keeps its drop so mild that you feel the wetness with a flavor of enjoyment.

Adventure can be tried too!

It’s totally upon your wish, if you are here to feel the air or breathe the rush in air. Yes! Mount Abu does a lot to offer you adventure, and the best option for you is the trekking plan. Go ahead plan it on the green mountains of hills of Aravali. Though you may not find snow to play with but the greenery of the area can let you make your own snow-man and enjoy the freshness of the air that is still untouched by the metro-gasses.

Sunrise to Sunset!

Why should I say that Mount Abu is adobe of beauty? Is that a question in your mind, if yes then I can bet that you would have not witnessed that flicks of sunset or sunrise. Its that moment when you are about to complete your breath and the sunsets, the first look would keep you entangled in its beauty for years. You may finish your breath with it but the moment would mesmerize you till the errands of an un-finishing poetry, and trust me I have seen this view more than ten-folds, but I am still to finish that poetry that did start but couldn’t find phrases to bring an end.

I can’t say that’s all Mount Abu has it for you, but one thing is for sure, if you have been here, not even a snow covered mountain would overlap your stay here.

written by:
Arpita Rathore

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